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Check by Phone | Check by Fax Software.

Check by Phone, Check By Fax, Check by Internet software takes the hassle out of waiting to receive a check payment by mail. Given the fact that most companies depend on collecting payments by check, it stands to reason that you would want the fastest and most economical of electronic transfers available. With CHAX®, it is possible to turn a check by phone, check by fax, or check by internet, and convert it into a convenient, secure, and economical payment method. The CHAX payment process is also significantly cheaper than any credit card or ACH processing. Chax software allows you to input the information from their faxed check into your personal computer, and then print out a depositable check on your printer - a check you can deposit right away.

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CHAX is a stand-alone check drafting software that allows anyone to accept check by phone, check by fax or checks online from customers, for deposit into any U.S. bank the same day with no fees.

Check Printing Software: QuickBooks, Peachtree and more

Check Printing Software allows you to print checks for payables and payroll from virtually any accounting program, including QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online and Peachtree. You no longer have to worry about stocking different forms for different bank accounts or different purposes. Just print checks on blank check forms which are: cheaper, safer, and more convenient. Prints signatures, logos and form overlays from your scanned images. MultiCHAX™can support the use of the additional fraud prevention of “Positive Pay” systems offered by many banks. When printing checks within your accounting software you merely choose to print to the MultiCHAX™ Virtual printer then your software starts to print. MultiCHAX™ automatically determines which bank account you are using and prints the full check image including the MICR characters. And with using MICR Toner for with your current laser printers, you eliminate the need to buy a dedicated check printer or check writer hardware.

Checks by Phones, Fax and Internet Software

Check Printing Software for AP / Payroll

check by phone The revolutionary software that makes it possible for you to receive a Check by Phone, Fax, or Email and create a check for deposit. Windows Vista compatible!

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  1. Accept a check by phone, check by fax, or check by internet
  2. Automatically keeps track of customer's checking account information
  3. Automatically populates fields from saved checking account information
  4. User definable security settings with user names and passwords for different functions
  5. Full database accumulation of historical transactions
  6. Full multi-user capability
  7. Saves transaction history
  8. Checks 21 compatible
  9. Designed for Windows XP, also runs on Windows Vista, 7
  10. NEW! Advanced Feature: Now you can deposit your checks to be deposited as an ACH transaction through the internet
    (ACH signup required)

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  • Accept another form of payment from customers that do not use credit cards
  • Customer can avoid late fees from lost checks through mail
  • Your customer saves on postage
  • Eliminate credit card processing fees
  • Avoid shipping C.O.D. fees

check printing softwareMultichax is a check printing software that prints checks  from QuickBooks and Quicken on blank check paper in one-step. Also integrates with virtually all accounting programs such as Peachtree, Great Plains, and many more.

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  1. Prints MICR encoded checks on blank check forms from within your accounting software in a single step.
  2. No need to stock forms for multiple bank accounts!
  3. Saves money by using low cost blank check forms.
  4. Automatically selects the correct bank account information.
  5. Multi-user and network compatible.
  6. Interface with “Positive Pay”. (optional)
  7. Compatible with Ink Jet and Laser Printers.

Free check printing software demo available!


  • Save up to 70% off your current check printing cost by printing on blank checks
  • Eliminate obsolete checks due to an address or account number change
  • Print on any check stock: voucher style checks (top, middle, bottom), 3 checks per page
  • Print electronic signatures on all your checks, even preprinted forms

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