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Frequently Asked Questions—MultiCHAX®

How will MultiCHAX® benefit my company?

MultiCHAX® is a software product that works as an on demand MICR encoded check printing solution, that prints MICR encoded checks on blank forms in a single step. While doing this it can print signatures, logos, and form overlays from scanned images, not to mention generating “Positive Pay” files.

MultiCHAX® integrates with virtually all accounting programs such as QuickBooks, Quicken, Great Plains, Solomon, Peachtree, and many more. MultiCHAX® eliminates the need to switch check forms when you switch bank accounts within your accounting software.

As with, our CHAX® software, security was of great importance. Password access provides users handling a variety of accounting tasks within a network, abundant security and comfort. MultiCHAX® provides ample levels of security to separate functions and/or bank account for each individual user.

There are 2 different editions of the MultiCHAX® software, click on the edition to see a description of the features provided: click here.

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What is the current version and build of the MultiCHAX® software?

To view the current version and build of the MultiCHAX® software click here.

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What are the default username and password for the MultiCHAX® software ?

The default user name for the MultiCHAX® software is Admin, and the password is Masteradmin. These passwords are only necessary if you enable security for the software product.

(Note: The password and user name are not case sensitive).

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